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Dating is a multi-billion pound global industry, but how much is truly known about the Black British experience? Are we getting married? What is our experience of online dating? What relationship advice did we get from our parents? How is the younger generation faring in their quest for love? What cultural barriers do we face?

The first initiative of its kind in the UK, The Black Love Project is based on an online survey, covering love, sex, dating, relationships and parenting, which has been completed by 900 Black Britons, focus groups and filmed interviews conducted in different parts of the country.

Produced by Words of Colour Productions, in collaboration with publishing veteran, editor and writer Patsy Isles and AMC Media, The Black Love project successfully launched Wednesday 25 October 2017 at Bush Theatre, London.

Joy Francis, executive director of Words of Colour Productions, said:
“It’s about putting us on the map and positively influencing how we are written about and portrayed because our lives and relationships are not being reflected in mainstream media. African American relationships are left to define who we are, but we have our own stories to tell across age, sexual orientation, faith and gender.”

Co-founder Patsy Isles said:
“It is about creating a legacy. We need to think of this project as a memory box for our children. I don’t know where the findings will take us, but if we get to understand each other better as a result, then that can only be a good thing.”

Francis added:
“We need to look at how our dating and relationship habits are influenced by our parents. What was their experience? We need to look at the root of this and examine what shapes us and where we get our examples and cues from. To do that, we have to engage with people from all walks of life.”

The findings will surprise, inform and challenge misconceptions about our relationships (from friendships to sibling and parental love to romantic love) and our portrayal in the media, film and on TV.

If you want to be kept informed of the project, its findings, future events or how to participate in the next round of filming.

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See photographs from The Black Love Project launch

A special event to launch the initial findings of our survey was held at Bush Theatre on Wednesday 25 October 2017 with a guest panel, spoken word, a book reading and signing with Leone Ross (Come Let Us Sing Anyway) and an after party with Afro Beats and Disco by DJ Chillz. The studio was packed and the response overwhelmingly positive.

You can see the photographs here.

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